Monday 11 February 2013

Want list.

The company that makes this appears to have gone bust. Does anyone know of something similar. Must be portable so I can paint on the move with work.


  1. WOW, that looks nice.

    Good luck in finding a replacement.


  2. Try looking for makeup cases or beauty cases. You can find some that swing open in the front.

  3. You sure they're not still in business?

    They are Spanish though, and my experience with Spanish companies tells me they need constant badgering to get anywhere.

  4. Hi fog99uk - well I've emailed and emailed. No reply. But I've heard that about them!

    I'm actually coming round to the idea of making a case which I can configure precisely. I'm handy with tools and there is a plethora of flight case components out there. 3mm mdf for all the internal fittings would be easy.

    The only problem is it would be REALLY heavy - even before you fill it.

  5. You could use acrylic to build up the interior structure, glued together with a liquid cement. Use plastic storage boxes for the drawers. I don't know about the rotating paint storage, maybe some plastic rods turning in bearing blocks top and bottom, and shelves with cutouts for the bottles.