Saturday 20 October 2012

Shoot First, Unmask Later - V

Next up is Daphne. Note how no matter how difficult things get she still manages to stay stylish with colour coded army boots and pistol holster.

Comments and criticism always welcome...


  1. I love her... And not only because its a beautifule figure ;-)
    What size is this?

    1. It's 28mm. And while I think you've done a great job on her, Brandlin, I think you need to touch up the paint on Future-Daphne's boots and holster.

    2. Thank you for taking the time to comment Remco. As Mr Teufel says this is a 28mm figure from the nice people at hasslefree miniatures. Link on my blog homepage.

      Mr Teufel. Yes I agree. The pink stockings were a nightmare. I've retouched them and the boots a couple of times and thought they looked ok, but the camera never lies. I'm always horrified by how bad the painting looks when you take pictures and look at the full size version. :(

  2. Stunning mate very nicely done the eyes look great to me (my pet hate to)