Saturday 19 May 2012

Cool grymn

Don't panic! I haven't gone and actually painted something. These are some very cool, slightly cartoony, looking grymn from the brunches of "Minion" posted overOn the Lead Adventure Forum

I will be following these with interest.

One of the issues that presents itself with these miniatures is the yellow block on the gun and the red visor. I think it makes the figures "pop" and does look slightly like a comic style. However I can't imagine why you would make a military weapon yellow?

Hmmm I'm clearly conflicted.


  1. Why not yellow weapons ????
    It's not the real world so we can do what we want!
    (and I love that: it's not what happens in the real life!)

    My conclusion: interesting post! thanks!

  2. They look like they could be part of an urban force so they are equipped for the area they operate in... in this case a city with a mix of blue/yellow/grey architecture.

    I'm with you on this one Mr. B, they are definitely cool (even if their weapons are yellow).