Monday 2 January 2012

Big Un - II

Oh no, what have I done?

This stage always makes me nervous because it feels like everything is getting worse, rather than progressing!

All of the resin textured stucco has been applied, two coats of black spray undercoat applied and two coats of the stucco base, and the slate grey roof. The orange might seem extreme, but it gives a great base to the following two stipple-coats that will be applied next. For paint on this model I'm using Dulux emulsion paints which I had mixed to as close as the Foundry Triad colours I normally paint with and used on the original Pryn-Gul tower models.

Next step is to finish the stucco with two stipple coats of lighter shades, then to repaint in the black undercoat of the beam work, then base coat and the laborious job of painting in the wood gain detail... Long way to go yet!

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