Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Yet More Inspirational Buildings

Sadly these are 15mm not 28 mm but the style is artful, cartoonish and a little spooky

Not in production yet, these are from blue moon manufacturing

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Not on my battlefield - II

Ok, so 14 figures on a CD base was wildly optimistic, considering I can only just get the tank chassis on here ... What was I thinking. So I'll have to come up with an alternate base idea.

Anyway I started kit bashing the Macross Attack Tomahawk. I wanted to remove the long arms and make the torso squatter, and I decided to double up the guns. These are held on with plasticine right now, but a little placard and they will be moveable and posable.

Can you tell what I'm doing yet?

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Wow, just WOW!

New greens, grymn officers from Hasslefree Miniatures. I like these a lot!

More than a lot.

I now NEED them for my diorama!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

"Not on MY battlefield!" - I

This is a diorama that I had the idea for when I did the "Do you think he'll notice?" diorama wayyyyy back in 2009 for the Diorama of Doom IV competition over on the Forum Of Doom.

Anyway the working title for this Diorama is ...

Not on MY battlefield!"

Starting with this from old crow.

From Heresy Miniatures, Bob and Dave - the line markers from my last diorama will be making a reappearance as scrap metal merchants having been sacked for gross incompetence.

Bob and Dave will be joined by

And from Hasslefree miniatures:

The following Grymn will also be in appearance:

And finally from Antenociti's workshop

Hmmm thats 15 figures - Might be a little too much, but i like to make the scenes quite compact. the whole lot is going on a CD sized base and will have quite a lot of height.

Plus resin pieces from Fenris games the bits box and a load of Evergreen plastic and this:

Lastly I had to overcome a certain amount of revulsion and prejudice to buy these two kits. As those of you who know my feelings on anthropomorphised automata you'll understand the effort this took

Yes, thats right I have bought Giant walking robot kits... Shudder!

Progress will be slow...Wish me luck.