Wednesday 18 May 2011

Watchtower instructions

Apologies for the delay, but the overdue Benan Watchtower assembly instructions are now available online.

Sorry to all those who bought the kit at Salute 2011 for the delay.  Feedback is always welcome on the kits and instructions.


  1. Just noticed when flicking through the instructions that the headers on the instructions don't match the item to be constructed!

    Hey-Dryn Wall and Tew-Fah Bridge have the header for the Haft-Oob Stables and the Benan Watchtower has the header for the Pryn-Gul Tower.

    Will give you any other feedback I have when my kits arrive and I build them :)

  2. Hi Chris, thanks for pointing that out! It doesn't affect how the kits are built, but I'll get it fixed.
    If you have more detailed feedback on the kits, then email me... Easier than here. Address in the contacts page.