Friday 27 May 2011

Return of the drop ship

Remember this...

Well I've started to play around with the CAD model again with the idea of turning it into a laser cut kit rather than a resin one. I'm looking to make the central pod detachable so the engine pods and the cockpit will attach to a frame and the extruded oval shape will form the "pod". All held together by magnets. Laser cutting the pods means that the walls can be made quite thin which in turn allows for a detachable pod roof with a hollow interior you can actually fit figures and vehicles in. I'm imagining opening Pod doors, exit ramps, internal seating

The cockpit lends itself really well to the laser cutting technique as its slab sided and just a complex 'box'. The rest of the model is a bit curvy though. I think I could do the spine and frame but it might be easier in other materials. Likewise the engine nacelles might be better resin cast.

Comments welcomed.

Also, I've been asked about selling the old crow modular helipad that I had made.

For those of you too young to remember this project from the dawn of time, it is based on an Old Crow chassis (Scout Outrider) not provided.

If there is any demand I'll happily get kits made. What do you think?


  1. I think it's good to see you in a science-fiction mood again. :)

  2. What would be the dimensions overall? If you could design it so that it could be used for both 15mm and 28mm sci-fi (perhaps by using optional hatch components?) that would increase the market for you. And 15mm sci-fi seems to be doing really well at the moment.

  3. Thank you Ajsalium

    Little Armies - It's likely to be 28mm only. mainly because I'm not into 15mm myself but also because in the smaller scale the fine detail is problematic to the laser cutting. I want to make something that 28mm players can use which will look big and impressive on the battlefield, and will actually fit the kind of vehicles they have!