Thursday 19 May 2011


I'm looking to add to the rage of building kits with a couple of simple house styles. The idea is to use one kit with a few options to create a lot of flexibility for the modeller.

These are based on a McDonalds McFlurry Ice cream cup (its the ONLY reason i went into McDonalds - shudder).  Three different roof designs and three different doors give a range of options.

I would include in the kit enough beam work and windows so that the models fit in with the same style as the others.

Also by applying pillars similar to those on the watchtower you can also do this:


  1. I enjoy reading about your laser-cut projects, I think you do a great job in recycling.

    I doubt that I would ever buy one - but think that your McDonald's cup house idea has potential.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. As much as I applaud the use of recycled materials in your models have you considered using perhaps paper cups, maybe waxed pint size. These could be cut to size and would make for a cheaper build in the long run as you wouldn't need to buy a McFlurry, (cups are easily available for less than 20p each).

    Maybe it is just me but buying something just to get the container doesn't make it recycling it just makes for an expensive paper cup, especially if you are going to need a few to make in this case a village.

    Anyway I look forward to seeing the finished article and will probably add some to my Tower and Stables.


  3. Thank you Tony. Shame I can't prise money off you though :)

    Chris/web by -thanks for your comments, always welcome. However I don't use the rubbish items for recycling reasons I do it because it cuts down on postage -no bulk you see. If I bought your paper cups then I'd have to ship them, and it wouldn't be flat. As to having to buy stuff to get the container, I'm trying to pick things that are very common and cheap. Remember if you buy a mcflurry you get to eat the ice-cream and get the cup for free!

  4. I'm not fond of the tall roof, to be honest. Looks too cartony.
    The other two options are nice, though.

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