Saturday 12 March 2011

Super Secret Project - XI - Oooo Interesting!

I'm finally beginning to believe that:
  1. I might finish this
  2. It might not be an eye sore!
I "think" I have finished all the flocking. Just some touching up of the cliffs to do where flock has blown onto them and the dye run :( and then a couple more coats of sealer and some matte finish - but thats easy to to do with the spray gun - its just drying time.

Oh, and of course I don't have all the buildings lasercut and made yet, but things are mving on well there as well! You can see the black outlines where the walls and towers will go.  I do like the matt black finish on the surround too - am chuffed I took the time to do that!

And Finally a picture from safe behind the stockade walls looking out onto the barren steppe.


  1. Looking Fantastic! Really coming together now

  2. Now that looks excellent!

  3. The Tables layout, painting and terrain looks brilliant!

    Thanks for taking the time to share :)



  4. this is really something else... if I lived anywhere near you I'd be banging on your door with a briefcase full of minis and dice.