Sunday, 30 January 2011

Super Secret Project - VI

Ok, so I cannot pretend this is secret anymore.

I have finally finished the surround and support for this board which is amde from 12mm MDF and battening crisscrossed beneath - I'll provide pictures of the woodwork when I have someone to take the pictures while I tip the board.  In my normal manner this may be overkill, but I KNOW that I'll be able to transport the board without damaging it. On the other hand I am beginning to wonder just how strong the average war games exhibition table is?

Once the structure was complete I was able to put the board itself in, and then fill any of the gaps using - foam gap filler, (does exactly what it says on the can). You'll see that the MDF surround is cut to exactly match the contours of the edge of the board, providing very robust protection all around, and I hope a professional finish.

Having then cut off the extra gap filling foam I have been able to apply the plaster filler which will smooth all the surfaces together.

In the next picture you are looking from the smooth rolling tundra end of the board towards the fortified end.

The exposed yellow bits you can see are the foam insulation showing through where they will form cliffs, the grey areas are where I have smoothed out plaster to make rolling hills. You can just make out the smoothed road leading the length of the board and the right hand junction about half way down.

Due to the cold weather and the fact I am having to work in the garage, the glues and plaster are taking a very long time to set. So I am not going to touch this again until next weekend.

Next time - sanding, sanding, more sanding and probably a final plaster layer... and then yet more sanding.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Super Secret Project - V

You are NOT authorised to read this file - please desist immediately

There, that should keep the unwanted riff-raff out... now, just between you and me I thought i'd show you some pictures of the kind of effect I am looking to achieve on this board I am clearly NOT making - nudge nudge, wink wink!

Some inspirational pictures:

Maybe with a hint of:
Except without the deep snow, there may be a scattering or a frost. I haven't decided yet.

In order to do this I have the following flocks and scatters - all from Antenociti's Workshop.

Add in the usual scree and talus, along with some seafoam trees:

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Super Secret Project - IV

I have no idea what this is, or in fact who is building it... in fact these pictures don't exist at all. They are clearly NOT of a game board being assembled and reaching the end of foam cutting and about to be glued.

There is no way that these pictures could exist, because anyone building such a thing would have to not be working 60 hour weeks and neglecting his family to try and finish this.

Shhh ... still nothing to see here, move along move, along now.