Friday 24 December 2010

Super secret project - III

There is one question I have yet to resolve.  How to assemble, store and transport this thing!  I dislike sectional boards as the edges are always so visible so I would prefer to glue this all together into a 6x4 or 8x4 complete board. The location of the buildings and river and such like is also a problem as they dont match the edges of the boards.

I guess I should glue the foam to a sheet of 6mm MDF or something similar? I'm then paranoid about the edges being damaged... especially as i will need to move it about the country. Should I surround the outside in a box structure of ply or MDF or something?  I can probably borrow a van in which it will travel and the buildings will be held in place by magnets so I am not too worried about them getting damaged but the other end of the board is going to be wooded with sea-foam trees and the trees will be a nightmare to transport. I'm also worried about stuff falling on the board and damaging the foam. My natural reaction to this is to make a wooden box with handles that completely surrounds the board?  Those of you that transport large terrain boards regularly... what do you do - advice please?


  1. Difficult choices.

    I don'y transport my 'big boards' - they are only used in the garage (occasionally the living room).

    I would advise that what ever you decide, it has to be right for you and therefore taking views of others is clouding the matter, build what you want and you then know it's going to be right.

    Further to this, build it in sections that are not square or rectangular (or hexagonal), but interlocking (a bit like a jigsaw, then you have a transportable display board, but the edges are less conspicuous.


  2. Well. I build my terrain in 3 pieces (2" x 4") and put some T-nuts at the side of the boards to join then. For transportation, I have a box made of 3mm MDF that I fixed around the board sections for protection. It works really fine. (excuse my bad english. I'm from Brazil)