Sunday 25 July 2010

Stockade Walls - First Build

I got a bundle of plastic in the post yesterday which included the prototype kits for the walls, bridge and watchtower. This is the first quick and nasty assembly of a 6" section of stockade wall just to make sure that all the bits fit.You'll see from the pictures I have done little to clean the models up and there were a couple of 'glue incidents' - but thats what you get for having a 9 year old son as your Glue Marshal. ;)

Its the simplest of the kits so far - it's nice not having to fit everything to curved surfaces for a change! I need to adjust the lengths of he beams a trifle (a trifle is a technical engineering term - i wont bother you with the full definition) and the template for the foam core is a little large... but other than that Bingo!

And just because some of you always complain about the lack of pictures with figures in.

Left to right: Hasslfree Grymn, Spyglass Inga, Wyrd Minaitures Mad hatter; the latter two on 30mm display bases.  Assuming the rest of the builds go as well this week I'll be opening up pre-orders for the kits with an availabiity of mid August.

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