Thursday 17 June 2010

Watchtower and Stockade Walls - Concept

I am planning a watchtower (built around a ben and Jerry's ice cream tub) and stockade walls to join them. I've shown some earlier sketches of these before but I have been doing more work on making them buildable.

The design intent is to make a stockade rather than a fortress. Walls and towers that provide security and defence against wild animals or perhaps troll-sized monsters. Built from rammed earth or stone sloped walls topped with beam and stucco constructed upper walls and with vertical planked palisades. These are not structures that would survive the advent of gunpowder, or stand against seige machines! All the Walls have walkways which meet the watch tower tower tops.

Firstly the watchtower. This image doesn't have the random width plank edged top to the walls facing outwards. It does show the railing on the inside of the tower. I think I'll provide this with enough railing and planking to run around the circumference of the tower so oyu can use it stand alone either as a lookout or a fortified tower.

Next are the wall sections. Again showing an external planked defencive upper wall and a railing for health and safety on the inner wall. I may put some battlements into the planked uprights, what do you think?

I'm imagining these walls with the lower "beams"  on the slope painted as stone and the panels filled with small gravel to look like flint. Then the upper section painted to match the buildings with wooden beams and stucco between.

I have also reworked the Tew-Fah Bridge which was one of my first prototypes so that it better fits with these structures. I'm also working on some additions which will turn the bridge into a gateway allowing it to fit within the stockade walls.

... and some group shots showing what I am aiming for. As with all the kits I'm aiming for modularity and interchangability, so the watchtower roovs can be replaced with say the slate roofs from the Pryn-Gul Tower or Haft-Oob stables. The Tew-Fah Bridge will also meet the third floor on the Pryn-Gul tower, the bridge can also be used with or withough the gates etc.

Finally a couple of more indulgent group shots :)

Anyway, thats thethinking behind the next FOUR kit releases. Watchtower, Stockade Wall, Few-Fah Bridge and Gate conversion.

As always comments and suggestions welcome!



  1. Look really good! Especially the bridge and the gate! Really look forward and will buy all four kits for sure!

  2. Thanks for the comment Hon. I look forward to taking your money! :)