Tuesday 8 June 2010

Stables Promotional Model Unveiled

The promotional and display model for the Stables kit is now complete. This is the second model in the range and will be available as a kit in July. Scaled to match heroic 28mm figures, the stairway and landing accept a 30mm round lipped display base.

The first kit, the Pryn-Gul Tower is available to buy by clicking on the Laser Cut Kits Logo >>>

Finally a teaser shot of the models to date. The bridge and larger building are prototypes and will go into production in due course.


  1. I love the feel you've developed, and the way you've designed them to be built around things like a pringles tube.

  2. Thank you David! Now go buy some!!! :)

  3. Just found this blog via Zombiesmith...holy cow! I've done some stuff with Pringles cans before, but I never thought something like this would be possible, count me in!

  4. well, where on earth have you been gyro???

    I shall certainly count you in, but you only become an initiate of the inner circle when you buy stuff :p


  5. A bit late, I know. But do you have a release ETA for the bridge and large building ?