Wednesday 2 June 2010

Painting and Finishing Guide

Whilst at Salute 2010 I was asked a number of times about the paint job I had used on the Pryn-Gul Tower. I've always thought of myself as a competent painter rather than a good one or a professional, so I was quite flattered. Spurred on by this and subsequent comments on the pictures of the tower on the internet I have put fingers to keyboard and written a painting and finishing guide for the buildings.

I wont win a golden demon for my painting nor a Nobel Prize for Literature for the guide, but this is the way I do it.
If any of you talented painters and model makers out there have anything suggestions of improvements then please let me know!

Also welcome to yet more new followers of my ramblings on this blog. So a big hello to the vowel-less twrchtrwyth, the dreadded ogryn and Charlie.


  1. Alan,

    You have a very unique look to your terrain, and its done excellently. Don't sell yourself short.

    And thanks for the tutorials.

  2. Hi Alan,

    One thing: in your PDF guide, the link at the bottom is wrong (although I still found my way here :))

    It says "brandling". I think it's supposed to be "brandlin"

  3. JARRETTL - thanks or letting me know. Typical I proof read stuff for days and I still get the basics wrong! Good to know people are reading the files though! Alan