Friday 14 May 2010

Twilight Scenery XIX - Assembly Instructions

"So, what's so fascinating about assembly instructions then?"

"err... well nothing really!"

Except of course, I am sure we've all had a kit where a lack of clarity in the instructions has left us scratching our heads or swearing at the box that "there's a bit missing!"

So, I thought.. I have all the geometry for the Building Kits in CAD, I must be able to do pretty good assembly instructions just by exploding the model, and taking snap shot pictures of various sctions and publishing them in a pdf file for people to download.


Well, its not quite that simple, but I thought I'd share some look and feel. This is a sample image of the construction of the "Bump-Out" section of the Pryn-Gul Tower building.

Now I have the process sorted its only slow rather than glacially slow... 

Baby steps...



  1. This stuff, is so damn cool. I am very happy I found it!

  2. Thank you Kingdom Death. Now go tell all your friends there's a good chap.