Wednesday 26 May 2010


Well it seems as though my first order of laser cut building kits is in the hands of the Royal Mail and I am expecting them this week.

Brandlin Towers has been converted into a packing and posting station and all family members are equipped with sticky tape.

Starting small I have 20 PrynGul Tower kits and 12 sheets of slates/shingles to sell, and expect to have them on eBay on Monday 31st May.

To support this there are some more pages going up on this blog which you'll see by clicking the very subtle laser cut kits image over there>>>

Bear with me for a few final days while I sort out the last bits and pieces.

These kits are designed in association with the World of Twilight game and they have a fancy-schmancy new forum for discussion of the game, the figures and my scenery.

Oh, and welcome to my latest follower FantasyFish - you picked a good time to come and join the party I think!


  1. Big box full of kits went out this afternoon, Alan...should be with you by the weekend :)

    Good luck mate!

  2. Yay!! See straight from the horses mouth! Thank you Geronimo!

  3. cat weasel. I'm not confirmed on prices until i get the kits to ensure all is in order and i'm not taking pre-orders for the same reason. As a small hobby venture i'm all too aware of what might go wrong that might make me take people's money and then be unable to deliver. So i'm doing this on an only selling stock i have basis to start with. As i get more confidence in the processes then I may take pre-orders.

    Sorry but hopefully its only a couple of days until I can release them. And thanks for your interest.

  4. I'm loving the idea of the shingles, I've just finished cutting up a lot for one building, and the time it took is making me look at the rest of the plans I've got with dismay.

    I'm away for the Bank Holiday, so hoping they'll be up on eBay by then.

    Good luck, this is a cool project.

  5. toadflax - the kits are up on ebay NOW. but seeing as you seemed keen i kept one back with your name on it ;)