Wednesday 22 April 2009

The Horrid Form I

An Old PBeM and RPG character I played was something of a shapeshifter; I've looked for a figure to represent his 'natural' (also known as 'horrid') form for some years but without any luck. So i decided i had to make one.

This is a little larger than i would have wanted but is a mix of Reaper parts - a giant scorpion man, an ice demon, and their very useful tentacle pack.

Its a little difficult to see at the moment but i hope all will become clear when i (eventually) apply some paint.


  1. Well, it certainly looks chaotic! Unfortunately, it is very difficult to see what it looks like in it's current metal state so when you get some undercoat on it, please be sure to post a pic :).

    ...I must say it is nice to see a few posts on your blog again, it was getting a bit dusty!

  2. Yeah hard to see inso, I agree. I'll post pics when i get futher but that may be some time. Nice to be back