Thursday 20 November 2008

Grenadier Fantasy Warrior Dwarfs I

I've always had a soft spot for the old Fantasy Warriors Dwarfs sculpted by Nick Lund, and in the late 80's I collected oh about a couple of dozen. The great Stuff of Legends site shows the original range hereand here. Then in the last couple of years someone invented Ebay and didn't put a warning label on it... The consequences are that I now have almost 450 of them.

I dug them out today and organised them into units. Yes, I know there are too many of them to play a sensible game, but i do love the massed units look.

These figures are back in manufacture by Mirliton of Italy and Em-4 Miniatures here in the UK.

This is the order of battle I came up with, based entirely on what i have, rather than any kind of sensible structure. It works out at 6,580 points without including tandards, msicians, leaders, hero's etc...!

I think i may have over done it...

12 Royal Guard (2 handed, x-heavy (inc lead, mus & std) (2)
2x 20 Dwarf Infantry, hand weapon and shield (inc lead, mus & std)
2x, 20 Dwarf Infantry, spears and shield (inc lead, mus & std)
8x 15 Dwarf Infantry, 2 Handed, (inc lead, mus & std)
3x 20 Dwarf Heavy Infantry, 2 Handed (inc lead, mus & std)

Missile Troops
12 Hand Gunners (5)
20 Rangers/Archers (inc leader, musician (horn) & Standard Bearer)
60 Crossbow Dwarfs (no command) (2)

3 Giant Dwarf Cannon (12 crew)
20 Giant Crossbow (40 crew)

12 Bear riders with Axe (inc leader, hero, musician & standard) (7)
12 Bear riders with Spear (inc leader, hero, musician & standard) (7)
4 Giant Bat Riders (4)

3 generals
2 wizards
1 Seer (1)

The numbers in brackets is the order i've just put in with Mirliton to fill out the remaining slots!

If you're interested in Fantasy Warriors game then I suggest you join the FW Yahoo Group.

So just 450 figures to clean, base, undercoat and paint...

... but then i haven't sorted through the Grenadier orcs and goblins i collected to fight against them....


  1. Wow! What a haul! A couple of months ago I got 50 Grenadier FW High elves. I was especially excited to win that auction, as these models aren't being sold by Mirliton. I had heard it was because the deep undercutting of the models made for a difficult mold. Having now seen the models, I can confirm that.

  2. Elves = pixie fiddlers! The old FW elves were still being manufactured by somebody in the states - I understood that the moulds had been separated when Grenadier US failed. The Moulds for Grenadier UK (the Parent company) are in the hands of Doug from em4 miniatures (Doug was a director of the original company) He regularly posts on the Fantasy Warriors Yahoo Group here... Doug is a very helpful bloke and may be able to shed more light on stuff if you ask.

  3. I asked Doug several months ago about this. He wasn't planning on manufacturing new models, but he said he would check for old packs. I never heard back if he found any. I'm on that yahoo group too, but don't go too often. Maybe I'll check through the old posts there. I could use some command models.

  4. Andrew - I just did a deal with doug for some old grenadier orc stock and he was happy to help - might be worth trying again?