Sunday 21 September 2008

Drop Ship VIII

Well, a package from Old Crow arrived. In the following 2 pictures I've mocked up a potential pair of turrets onto the hull (with blu tac) added a couple of hatches and done some more detailing. The green 'spots' on the hull are Squadron Green putty to fill the remaining visible bubbles from the original resin casting.

There is a comcen turret mounted on the forward hull, and a missile launcher on the rear hull. I've also temporarily installed one of the two fins. (Two fins won by 12 votes to 2 in the recent poll!). I've also used a plastic 'googly-eye' on the port side of the hull as a dome.

I found an old contact lens case which has amazing engine components! I've tacked them in place, but i will cut them down to a circular shape and file off the L and R before completing. The part still attached inside the case will be used as the 'intake' to the engine (but I need another one! Anyone got a spare?). This has convinced me to re-model the engine and make it less fussy and sightly less bulky.


  1. Looking good. I think you'll do ok with the engine nacelles cut down a bit. It's not a shuttle needing to go from surface to orbit, it only has to make it to the landing zone.


  2. As for the contact lens container, you could check pharmacies or optometrists.

  3. Comyn - thanks for your comments. I will reduce the engine pods a little for asthetic reasons. However I disagree with your comments about only needing to make the landing zone. The ship has to get back to orbit somehow. Otherwise its a one way trip with no return leg, and thats not encouraging to the troops (let alone the pilot). Its also an enormous cost in hardware terms. Maybe this vehicle is better described as a transport than a drop ship then?

    mrteufel - Hi, and thanks. I'm sure i wont have any trouble getting another matching case, however i thought i'd ask if there were any contributors with spare cases rather than spend money. When i used to wear lenses i always had a couple kicking about.