Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Creating a Grymn Force IX

Finally managed to get round to basing the eight grymn I've managed to paint so far. I went for a cold tundra type landscape with very pale winter grass and my first ever snow. I thought this went well with the cool muted greys of the troops.

Not sure how I'm going to argue that the teal colour is camoflage though? Might have to mix up a batch of coloured lichen and pretend its natural alien flora!

Monday, 28 April 2008

Painting Pledge Mar 08

Very late and a very slow month for paining... and a pretty terrible one for my pledge...

Bought : 160!
An eBay Bargain of Dwarf Wars 28mm figures. (96 infantry and 22 cavalry (cav count as 2 figs))
20 Gamezone dwarf miners in various stages of digging their way out of the ground.
Painted : 0
yes... zero... nothing.. naught... nada... zilch... nil...
March Result : -160

2008 cumulative result: -151

Unpainted Mountain : ???
No idea - something in the region of 1500 28mm figures (and growing)
Must paint soon.