Sunday, 2 March 2008

Painting Pledge Feb 08

Paint more figures than I buy - simple huh?

Bought : 5
1 x OOP grenadier dwarf warbat and rider (counts as 3 figures)
3 x OOP Citadel Dwarf stretcher party

Painted : 15
3 x Hasslefree Grymn troops
3 x Old Crow Gecko 25mm vehicles (counts as 12 figures)

February Result : +10
I'm in Credit!
2008 cumulative result: +10

Unpainted Mountain : ???
No idea - something in the region of 1500 28mm figures.

OK, so another really slow month - dont worry some time real soon i'll start spending money and then i'll never keep up!

Creating a Grymn Force VIII

I finally made some more progress on the Old Crow vehicles for my Hasslefree Grymn Force. I've sprayed the basic cammo, and then black undercoated the details on the Claymore APC and the Slingshot Multipurpose AFV.

For both of these vehicles I have inserted small magnets into the turrets and onto the end of the various gun options. This means that I can swap the armaments of these vehicles whenever I use them.

Claymore Heavy APC:

Claymore Support Turret Options:

Slingshot Multipurpose AFV:

Turret options for the Slingshot:
I've also finished the three scout vehicles that I began in Creating a Grymn Force II.
Gecko Scout and 2 x Gecko Pickup: