Monday 28 January 2008

The Yellow Horde I

Well, I managed to do precisely zero painting last week, so I thought I'd share some of the figures in an older (but still unfinished) project of mine.

This is a Growler Chieftain from the old VASA miniatures game VOR. It's been painted as a yellow mushroom monster which was the alter ego of a friends role playing character. Spawn (as its called) was once responsible for sinking a ship called the Lucky Drake, and he is depicted here amongst the wreckage.

Shipwrecked Spawn:

As with my other painting this figure was done using Foundry yellow paints. Even though the figure is around 10cm (4") high this was all done with a brush before I had an airbrush. Nowadays I think I'd certainly have done the base coats by airbrush and possibly even the first highlight coat.

The base is scratch built from matchsticks and some plasti-card. The railings are made from stanchions from a model boat company with paperclips bent for the railings. Block and tackle and the name plate are also from the model boat company - I find they are a great source for unusual items.

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